Sunday, March 23, 2008

Unofficial challenge 7 layout

For the challenge, I did option 2. I really enjoyed this challenge though so I also did option 1 just for fun. This challenge really made me scrap outside of my comfort zone. I never put this many things on a LO before.

The designer I used was Aimee Suarez.

1 paper-A Merry Christmas
2 ribbons-both from Friendly Bear
3 buttons-2 from My Love and 1 from Friendly Bear
4 bling-diamond arrow and star from "Bling", diamond studded beads from "Beads vol 1"
5 frames-Friendly Bear, Love to Love (white frame and heart frame), Momnts (doodle frame and lifted frame) some were recolored
6 pictures
7 alphas-R-Love to Love
A-A Merry Christmas
C-Super Star (by me)
H-Alta (by me)
A-Froot Loop (by me)
E-Haircut (by me)
L-A Night of Romance (by me)
8 flowers-Love to Love, Jassi x3 (recolored), My Love x4
9 staples-all from Love to Love
10 random items-
Tree border-A Merry Christmas
Colored tree border-A Merry Christmas
holly-A Merry Christmas
Stocking-A Merry Christmas
Heart ribbon-My Love
Tag-A Merry Christmas
Candy Cane-A Merry Christmas
heart bead-Beads vol 2
heart bead frame-Beads vol 2 (these were separate in the kit)
green bead (in the center of the black flower)-Beads vol 1

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Rose said...

Wow! You're amazing. I'm not even going to dare to attempt your LO challenge. LOL. Great job!