Monday, March 17, 2008

Part 2 of the challenge

Here is the second part of the challenge. I think Rose got the easier part of this one. That is OK. She took the hard part of the challenge featuring our UT tower pictures. Her layout below looks great. I really enjoyed this challenge. It was harder than anything we have done so far, but it was fun.

Here is what my part of the challenge was: Also using the correct number of items listed below, you must scrap using NO MORE than 2 items from the same designer. You will need to use many different designers for this layout. This layout needs to be done in a CLEAN style. Use of negative space is important however you will still need to use all of items listed below in the correct number assigned, so plan carefully.

1 - photo matte
2 - staples
3 - pictures
4 - stitches
5 - random elements of choice
6 - flowers/stars/cardboard pieces
7 - papers (may be pieced) - your photo matte is NOT included in this count.
8 - buttons
9 - glitter/gems/sequins or bling pieces
10 -no less than 10 lines of journaling (may be more but no less)

Journaling: In this layout we are asking you to write a letter to your 16-17 year old self. As an adult now, give yourself advice on things you remember happening during this time or shortly after that would have been beneficial THEN. You may include information about your family and situations now to inspire hope.

Sorry that the picture is turning out so small. It is a double page layout and I put it all on one page to help it flow better. I designed it as if it is the inside of a card that has been stitched together with the stitching in the center of the LO. Here is my credit list and journaling.

I know things seem really hard right now. I know it seems like you will never be happy. There is so much happiness in your future. You get married in the Dallas temple to the most wonderful man. You have been married almost 17 years. You have 3 wonderful, amazing children. There have been ups and downs along the way. I am happy to tell you there are more ups than downs. You will be happy, I promise. The world is a better place because you are here.

1 photomatte-Hampton kit by Lucy Hampton
2 staples- both from Building Memories by Christina Wall
4 stitches- CT appreciation kit Grateful For You 2 from J.Bullock and 2 from Christine Nash
5 random elements: All from Grateful For You
doodle-Pixel Diva Designs
Butterfly-Tangie Baxter
Butterfly-Scraps by Deb
Red Swirly doodle-Amy Sumrall
6 Flowers: Grateful For You- Wendy Page of Haunted Pixel (2 flowers), Kryss Bourque Designs, Gwenevere Dupus, Erica Zane, Boo Land Designs
7 papers: Grateful for You- Alice Koh Designs, Laura Pitman, Kim Cameron, Dielle, Debbie McKenzie, Melissa Bennett, Designs by Shelle
8 buttons: Grateful For You- Amy Watson, LB Creations, Lpand3dogs, Mikki Livoanos, Rachael Scraps, The Digi Twins, DigiDiva, Lynne Simmons
9 "bling": Grateful For You LB Creations, Amanda Dykan, Michelle Underwood Blessing kit (2 bling), Senses kit by Gabhappy Scrap Delight, Christmas Around the World by Nikki McGilberry (2 bling), Little Boy by April Mouse, DST Birthday kit Misty Cato.

Now to take a breather before the next challenge. I don't think I have ever taken this long to create a LO.

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