Monday, March 31, 2008

Another LO for Challenge 11

I decided to go ahead and scrap another LO. This time I scrapped a new LO since I needed to get my MOJO back. I think it's really cute -

I haven't posted it anywhere yet. I used a template from my Sketch Template Mega Pack #3 and Karla's Kaleidoscope Designs Eastertide Kit. The butterfly is from Yummy Goodness by CanDesigns.

My challenge 11

I can't believe this is the second to the last layout of the race. This has been so much fun. I can't wait to do it again. I took these pictures on Thursday when we went to the Blue Bell factory with our family here from Idaho Falls. We had a great time. I took tons of pictures. This one is my daughter with my nieces. My daughter is the one sitting down. She commented that they looked like they were in a gang. I didn't want to do a LO that made the girls look like they were wearing the wings. The main reason for that was because my daughter was completely opposed to looking like a fairy. I thought it would have been cute though. I will settle for the butterfly and the 2 lady bugs. There is also a butterfly on my nieces shirt.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Challenge 11

I have the perfect LO for Challenge 11. This time the challenge was to create a LO using wings. There were no limits on the LO, so I'm happy to have this one all finished. This is one of my best friends' DD. She's such a pretty little girl. This picture was taken at Hannah's birthday party from last year. For LO credits be sure to click on the LO!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Unofficial LO for Challenge 10

I wanted to see if I could pull this off as a 1 pager. And I did. And I think it looks gorgeous! Lots of fun!!! For credits, click on the LO since there are lots of them :)

Personal Journaling reads: Journaling It is my wish and prayer that my children grow upto have a personal relationship with Christ.I want them to trust inHis love like they trust in mine.I want His light to shine in their lives every day through their words and actions. Matthew 22:37

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Challenge 10

Only one of us had to do challenge 10. The scrapper that didn't do challenge 6 had to do this challenge. Since Rose's challenge ended up being our official challenge LO for challenge 6, this one was mine to do. The challenge was that we had to do a LO with at least 50 different elements by at least 10 different designers. We could not use the same element multiple times and have it count for one of our 50 elements. If we used it more than once, it only counted once. We also had to journal about our biggest fears, deepest desires, or wildest wishes. The credits for this LO are very long and you can find the here.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Challenge 9

Rose gave you the run down for challenge 9. This challenge was hard. I have never done any kind of altered art. I did some setting up for the photos I used for this LO. The BG paper and the lamp are from Tina William's kit Grandpa's Den. I downloaded the paintings from various web sites. I created the "zap" painting in Art Rage. I used some actions from Action Fx to age the photos of my kids and of the book. This does not look like I have envisioned in my head. If you can't tell, it is suppose to be set up like a pop up book. My kids don't look like they are looking at the painting. The line down the middle of the page was suppose to look like a corner of a room, but I don't think it looks right either. If anyone reading this blog has any ideas of how I can make this look more real, I am all ears. Please leave a comment. The quote is from Jackson Pollock, who happens to be my daughters favorite artist. It says "It doesn't matter how the paint is put on, as long as something is said". As I look at the quote on the layout, I realize I have a typo. Oh well.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Challenge #9???

We were to create an altered art style of LO. I don't know if I've done it. Really have no idea, but here's the LO I've chosen to enter. I loved how this one turned out (I know, it's one I've already created but my brain is fried. . . really. And I read the rules. It says nothing about a completely new LO. LOL. Click on LO for credits.

Unofficial challenge 7 layout

For the challenge, I did option 2. I really enjoyed this challenge though so I also did option 1 just for fun. This challenge really made me scrap outside of my comfort zone. I never put this many things on a LO before.

The designer I used was Aimee Suarez.

1 paper-A Merry Christmas
2 ribbons-both from Friendly Bear
3 buttons-2 from My Love and 1 from Friendly Bear
4 bling-diamond arrow and star from "Bling", diamond studded beads from "Beads vol 1"
5 frames-Friendly Bear, Love to Love (white frame and heart frame), Momnts (doodle frame and lifted frame) some were recolored
6 pictures
7 alphas-R-Love to Love
A-A Merry Christmas
C-Super Star (by me)
H-Alta (by me)
A-Froot Loop (by me)
E-Haircut (by me)
L-A Night of Romance (by me)
8 flowers-Love to Love, Jassi x3 (recolored), My Love x4
9 staples-all from Love to Love
10 random items-
Tree border-A Merry Christmas
Colored tree border-A Merry Christmas
holly-A Merry Christmas
Stocking-A Merry Christmas
Heart ribbon-My Love
Tag-A Merry Christmas
Candy Cane-A Merry Christmas
heart bead-Beads vol 2
heart bead frame-Beads vol 2 (these were separate in the kit)
green bead (in the center of the black flower)-Beads vol 1

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

4 Wheeler

I actually finished this LO yesterday, but then got busy and didn't get a chance to post it here. We haven't had a family vacation in 4 years. How sad is that. In 2004, we went to Disneyland for Rachael's dance troupe. She performed in Disneyland and then we spent a few days playing around there. After that, we drove to Idaho and spend a week with my dad. They remember more about the trip to Idaho than they do the trip to Disney. Their favorite part of the trip was riding the 4 wheelers. Jeremy was only 2 1/2 and he still remembers them. We are going again this summer and he can't wait to ride the 4 wheelers again.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Challenge Number 8

This was the challenge:

Scrap about your most memorable vacation or trip. It can be memorable for being everything you dreamed of, like your honeymoon or that magical Disney cruise, or it can be memorable because the airlines lost your luggage, the car rental place gave you a car that broke down on the way to the hotel that gave your room away to someone else because you were late checking in and the only room they have left is the one next to the ice machine and it's making noise all night long.

And because we love a good challenge, here are your restrictions:

1) Use only B&W Photo(s)

2) Do not use any travel themed elements or papers (i.e planes, trains or automobiles, postcards, etc.)

3) Use only ONE word as your title

4) You must incorporate the lyrics to some song in your journaling somehow. You don't have to include the whole song, just a line or even a few words. Just let us know what song it is in your credits.

Here's my LO. Click on it for credits and journaling.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Part 2 of the challenge

Here is the second part of the challenge. I think Rose got the easier part of this one. That is OK. She took the hard part of the challenge featuring our UT tower pictures. Her layout below looks great. I really enjoyed this challenge. It was harder than anything we have done so far, but it was fun.

Here is what my part of the challenge was: Also using the correct number of items listed below, you must scrap using NO MORE than 2 items from the same designer. You will need to use many different designers for this layout. This layout needs to be done in a CLEAN style. Use of negative space is important however you will still need to use all of items listed below in the correct number assigned, so plan carefully.

1 - photo matte
2 - staples
3 - pictures
4 - stitches
5 - random elements of choice
6 - flowers/stars/cardboard pieces
7 - papers (may be pieced) - your photo matte is NOT included in this count.
8 - buttons
9 - glitter/gems/sequins or bling pieces
10 -no less than 10 lines of journaling (may be more but no less)

Journaling: In this layout we are asking you to write a letter to your 16-17 year old self. As an adult now, give yourself advice on things you remember happening during this time or shortly after that would have been beneficial THEN. You may include information about your family and situations now to inspire hope.

Sorry that the picture is turning out so small. It is a double page layout and I put it all on one page to help it flow better. I designed it as if it is the inside of a card that has been stitched together with the stitching in the center of the LO. Here is my credit list and journaling.

I know things seem really hard right now. I know it seems like you will never be happy. There is so much happiness in your future. You get married in the Dallas temple to the most wonderful man. You have been married almost 17 years. You have 3 wonderful, amazing children. There have been ups and downs along the way. I am happy to tell you there are more ups than downs. You will be happy, I promise. The world is a better place because you are here.

1 photomatte-Hampton kit by Lucy Hampton
2 staples- both from Building Memories by Christina Wall
4 stitches- CT appreciation kit Grateful For You 2 from J.Bullock and 2 from Christine Nash
5 random elements: All from Grateful For You
doodle-Pixel Diva Designs
Butterfly-Tangie Baxter
Butterfly-Scraps by Deb
Red Swirly doodle-Amy Sumrall
6 Flowers: Grateful For You- Wendy Page of Haunted Pixel (2 flowers), Kryss Bourque Designs, Gwenevere Dupus, Erica Zane, Boo Land Designs
7 papers: Grateful for You- Alice Koh Designs, Laura Pitman, Kim Cameron, Dielle, Debbie McKenzie, Melissa Bennett, Designs by Shelle
8 buttons: Grateful For You- Amy Watson, LB Creations, Lpand3dogs, Mikki Livoanos, Rachael Scraps, The Digi Twins, DigiDiva, Lynne Simmons
9 "bling": Grateful For You LB Creations, Amanda Dykan, Michelle Underwood Blessing kit (2 bling), Senses kit by Gabhappy Scrap Delight, Christmas Around the World by Nikki McGilberry (2 bling), Little Boy by April Mouse, DST Birthday kit Misty Cato.

Now to take a breather before the next challenge. I don't think I have ever taken this long to create a LO.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Challenge #7 - LO #1

The challenge -

Team Member #1 - ONE DESIGNER - MESSY - No JournalingUsing the correct number of items as listed below, you must scrap using only ONE designers products. Pick your designer carefully and make sure they have all of the things listed on the list below, remember only ONE designer. (this does not include the use of drop shadow actions but does include the use of templates, mattes, shape files etc.) Once you choose your ONE designer you will be required to scrap in a Hodge Podge style, a little artsy and messy. No Journaling, ONLY TITLE WORK.

All items are from designs by SeAScrApS

1 paper: I Love Denim
2 ribbons: Sleeping Beauty and Crop til Ya Drop
3 buttons: I Love Denim, Boyish x 2
4 gems: (Red/Garnet) January's Child, (Blue) September's Child, (Pink) February’s Child, (White) Generations
5 frames: I Love Denim
6 pictures: My kids and husband
7 alphas:
F: I Love Denim
U: February’s Child
N: Sleeping Beauty
T: Wild, Wild West
A: All that Jazz
S: All Boy
T: Born to Ride
I: I Love Denim
C: February’s Child
Friday: Sleeping Beauty
8 Flowers/Stars/Cardboard
6 Flowers: (1) Katie, (4) Timeless, (1) All Boy
2 Cardboard: Born 2 Ride
9 Staples: August’s Child, Staple for Baggie, I Love Denim, All that Jazz, Designer Resource 48, Designer Resource 48 #2, Siblings, Crop ‘til Ya Drop, October’s Child, Timeless
10 Random Elements
1. Paper Clip - February’s Child
2. Photo Corner - Tooth Fairy
3. Prong - All that Jazz
4. Bow - Sleeping Beauty
5. Metal Swirly Wire - Born 2 Ride
6. Bottle cap - Hugs N Kisses
7. Rub On Word Art - Crop Til Ya Drop
8. Brad - Siblings
9. Playground Tag - Ocean’s Playground
10. Wax Seal Charm - Ocean’s Playground.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Challenge #6

This ended up being our official LO. I was nervous about being able to scrap the opposite of one of her LO subjects, but when I saw this LO, I knew I could do it and make it fabulous!! For credits, click on the LO.

And here's my LO. For credits, click on the LO:

This challenge was so much fun. And I think Patricia's LO is awesome!

Scrap and flip

Challenge #6 was for one of the partners to scrap lift one of the other partners LO. This wasn't to be a normal scrap lift though. We were to take the LO and flip it around in some way. We also had to scrap about the opposite subject. I love this LO of Roses. I love the composition and the photos are too cute. This is a LO of a photo shoot of Hannah. You can find the credits here.

I took random pictures from my daughters week at girls' camp to do my scrap lift. Credits can be found here.

Even though only one of us has to do this challenge, both of us wanted to do it. Rose has done a scrap lift of one of my layouts. I hope she posts it on the blog so everyone can see it. We will see you at the next challenge.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mr Scale

I'm sorry you are sick Rose. I hope you feel better. Let me know if you need any help with anything.

Here is my LO for challenge #5. I did an interview with the scale. Before I finished it, I noticed that someone else is doing a scale LO for this challenge. I wanted to do it more like a reporter and not like a woman wanting to know why her scale isn't telling her what she wants to hear. In real life, I am the latter, but I did my layout as the first.

Here is my interview with the scale.

Q: So what is it like being hated by so many women all over the world?
A: It is hard sometimes. I try not to let it get to me though.
Q: Do you have any plans to reform so you aren't so hated?
A: I don't think it would do any good. I will probably be hated no matter what.
Q:Women are always claiming you are broken. How do you respond to that?
A: They can say what they want. It doesn't mean it is true. I know I am not broken and that is what is important
Q: What advise do you have for those wanting to get into the scale business?
A: Be tough and be strong. You will take a lot of emotional and physical abuse.

Kit: Express Yourself by Ronna Penner, font A Yummy Apology

Challenge #5 - My Blankie/Her Ba-Ba

Here's my LO for Challenge #5. I've been home sick with a sinus infection so I had lots of time to myself as Stephen took the kids to lunch with Grandma, Grandpa, and the cousins. I'm feeling better, but the infection seems to be moving to my chest so I didn't get much sleep as I coughed the night away. Note to self - vicks on my feet tonight.
Q: How long have you been in the family?
A. I have been in this family for 30 years. Looking forward to many more years and special memories.
Q. How did you become a part of this family?
A. I was given to Rose as a baby gift. I was made by her great-grand aunt Esther. I was the warmest of all the blankets she received as an infant.
Q. What makes you so special?
A. I am Blankie, also known as Ba-Ba. When Rose was growing up, I was her security blanket. And when Hannah was born, I was passed down to be a part of Hannah’s life as well.
Q. Are you made from your original parts?
A. No, when Rose found out she was pregnant, she sent me to Aunt Esther to have me remade. The flowers and fruit fabric is part of my orginal design. Aunt Esther was honored to recreate the special blanket she made for Rose as a gift for her new niece, Hannah.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Challenge 4

This is a LO about what I have been trying to tell my 6yo Jeremy since my diagnosis. He isn't dealing with it very well. His grandpa died a few months before I started having problems. His grandpa wasn't sick, he just went into the hospital for a simple procedure and died 3 weeks later. Jeremy has become obsessive about a lot of things as a way to deal with his stress.

Journaling reads: I am so sorry for all of the extra stress you have in your life. Your life, at age 6, should be more free of worry than it is. I’m sorry that you worry about me so much. I want you to know that I will be OK, and so will you.There will be some challenges ahead, but we will get thru them as a family. It is OK to tell me you are worried or scared or angry. I get worried and scared and angry, too. I want you to know that Mommy isn’t going die from MS. I won’t be going to live with Grandpa in Heaven anytime soon.MS will make some things harder for me, but I will still be around to see you grow up. I love you so much Jeremy. You bring joy to me daily.

Kit used-My Favorite Boys by JillDZines, purchased at Gotta Pixel, font Brisk

I guess this wraps both of us up for the week, unless they do another bonus challenge. We will see you next week.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Challenge #4

Here's my LO for Challenge #4. For credits, click on LO.

Journaling reads: Last year, I went through a lot of soul searching and struggle with my faith vs. the Christian church. I kept a journal and this is what I wrote. Being a Christian - It has taken me at least 15 years to realize that Christianity IS NOT about forcing people to hear the Gospel message and condemning them if they do not listen to it. It isn't all about "winning souls to heaven" or whatever you would like to call it. I think that deep down, I have known this all along, but now, it makes me sad to see many churches preaching only about how Jesus has come to the earth to save us and how the Lord would condemn all the bad or "evil" things in the world. It makes me very sad when I realize that if you really pay attention to the Bible and the story it tells us, Christ came to everyone; He met them where they were at and embraced them. Right now, I really feel like there are a lot of modern day Pharisees, you know, people who are judgmental and condemning, not willing to embrace sinners or even acknowledge them as God's children. Instead they want to throw stones at them, calling them out, and trying to "set them free" from their sins. And here is where the story of Jesus saying, "You who has no sin, cast the first stone." Of course, the Pharisees couldn't do it because they knew they were sinners too. God doesn't look at sins differently...they are all the same...and He loves us still. And then there are the modern day Sadduces who just want to blend in and not cause an uproar. They just agree with everything that is going on. They are apathetic to it all. I now see that to be a Christian means to love everyone. Accept them for who they are and where they are in their lives. All I know is now it is not important to me if someone is churched, unchurched, a believer, non-believer, muslim, jew, etc. All I care about is loving them for who they are and where they are at in their life. I think I'm very hurt by the church as an institution (not the body) because it seems to me the focus is more about numbers and money than anything else. I have a pastor friend who explained it to me like this: “The church at large has become a fake, plastic religiosity that functions more like a country club than a body. It has taken an ‘us vs. them’ mentality that is not illustrative of Christ's interaction with people and it has certainly not the safe place that it is supposed to be.”

Since writing this 1 year ago, my family has found our “home” at The Well. The photo is what our church home looks like. It's not a building. It's a place to come together as One in Christ. And this journaling is the explanation of it's name: "The Well" is a name inspired by Jesus' meeting with a woman as she fills her water jar at a well. This woman had a bad reputation, but Jesus broke down barriers of ethnicity, social status, and gender to gently but honestly address the woman about her life and offer her the freedom that only he can give. The woman went to the well that day to quench her physical thirst, but walked away with the answer to her spiritual thirst.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Challenge #3

Okay, my LO for Challenge #3 is a two page LO. Be sure to click on the LO for full credits.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bonus Challenge and Challenge #3

I did both my bonus challenge and challenge #3 today. I had actually planned to do a combination of them both for the bonus challenge, but then I read challenge #3 and decided to do them as seperate LO.
This is the bonus challenge LO. I used the February Mega kit from Gotta Pixel for this LO and the font is Mistral.
Here is my challenge #3. The kit I used is Refreshing Meadow by J. Baechtold and the font is Melanie BT.

This 3rd LO was really therapeutic for me. I was diagnosed with MS only 3 months ago and I am still adjusting to the changes it has made in my life. It helps me to think of the blessings I have recieved because of this trial. I am now able to be a SAHM. I have always wanted that more than anything. The other thing that it has allowed me to do, which I did not put in the LO, is that I am now a digital scrapbooking designer. Designing and scrapbooking have really helped me "escape" at times.