Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The final challenge

Here is our final challenge. This is an optional challenge 13. Our layouts had to coordinate so that they can be put together and be a 2 pager. We used one of the kits we got as a gift during the Race called Spring Fling from Elemental Scraps. The top layout is the left side and the bottom one is the right side. I did the left and Rose did the right. You can find the credits for this layout here and here.

I hope you have enjoyed our Race layouts. We look forward to doing this each year.

Challenge 11

I am only missing one other challenge and that is challenge 11. We could only use one photo and out journaling could only be a single question. I can't remember if there were any other requirements such as for elements. Here is my layout. I used a charity kit for this layout called For Unto Us benefiting Dex and Crew, little preemie babies. Dex didn't make it and Crew was just discharged from the NICU last week.

challenge 12

Challenge 12 was one that we were suppose to do together. Rose was an angel and did the entire layout except for my journaling and my photo. My MIL passed away last Monday so I spent all of last week dealing with funeral and family, etc. Thank you Rose. We were given the word art "We are Storytellers". We had to journal about that topic and include our own photos. I don't have many photos of me since I am the one behind the camera most of the time.

I'm really behind in putting these layouts on our blog. I just keep forgetting about the blog. I'll be catching everything up soon, but they will probably be all out of order.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Challenges 7-11

Wow. I've been really behind on keeping up with this blog. Life has really taken a turn in the McIntyre house and computer time is just not a priority. Family time is, but I committed to finishing the race and so that's what I'm going to do. Of course, I've loved every minute of it. Patricia is an AMAZING partner. My prayers are with her and her family as they lost a dear loved one this week.

For the 7th challenge, we were given this adorable kit at Sunshine Studios. We had to use everything in the kit at least once. We were not limited to just this kit so I chose to use Victorian Strawberry by Studio Flergs and Kaye Winiecki.
For challenge 8, we were to play "Scrap Idol" choosing our favorite scrapper to lift a LO. One of my favorite scrapper's is Flergs so I chose to lift her 1st Birthday LO. We did have to include 2 specific things in our LO, flowers and the word dream. This part was a little tricky for me, but I was able to make it work with the following LO. Of course, since I'm new to Flergs's Creative Team, I had to use her Victorian Strawberry kit again since I am totally in love with it.

Our 9th challenge was to create a layout with photos representing multiple generations. The photo I used is one taken in 2005 when my grandmother came to visit us. It is one of my favorite photos of all 4 generations of Wood/Breakiron women. Part of the challenge including using 1 lace element, a metal element, a flower and a vintage element. The kit I chose to work with is Generations by SeAScrApS. I did use Misty Cato's Date Bits to date the layout.

Challenge 10 was a ROADBLOCK/INTERSECTION . This was a collaborative challenge where the person who did not complete the last ROADBLOCK/INTERSECTION. It was my job to interview Patricia, asking at least 5 questions and to create a LO. I chose to ask her about movies. I thought it would be a unique take on the challenge as well as get our Mega Kit at Groovy Scraps, Let's Go to the Movies some "airtime." Part of the challenge was to only use material from 2 designers, so I was able to pick and choose 2 designers from the Mega Kit. I choose to use parts from BiebelScraps and Darhena Design. We were also to pick 2 colors to be our main colors and only accent the LO with other colors. Here's what I came up with for the LO:

And finally, Challenge #11 - If we could ask anyone one question, what would that question be? The catch - we can't answer the question. The LO had to include ONLY one photo and the only journaling/title on the LO could be the question. Of course, just recently, my kids started asking about our lost dog, Sparky, who got out last August. The fact that they still talk about him breaks my heart, so I put together this LO, using Decaon's Closet RELOADED by Flergs.

Challenge 12 is a collab challenge. I've done my part and have sent it to Patricia to finish it. And of course, I'm sure there will be a twist throw into the race tomorrow as we anticipate the end of Season 4.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

challenge 8 and 9

Here is my challenge 8 layout. We had to scrap lift our "idol". I don't really have a scrapping idol, but when I was doing layout of the week at Scraphead, there were always 2 women who had amazing layouts. The layout I scraplifted is called Watermelon done my His over at Scraphead. You can find the credits for the layout here.

The 9th challenge was to make a layout with photos representing multiple generations. Here are some photos of my daughter with her grandmothers and great grand mothers. We had to use 1 lace element, a metal element, a flower and a vintage element. The kit I used was called Alta. It is my own kit available at Groovy Scraps. The vase was a photo that I just extracted to use for this layout.