Sunday, January 25, 2009

challenge 7

For the 7th challenge, we were given this adorable kit at Sunshine Studios. We had to use everything in the kit at least once, but we could recolor the kit if we wanted to. I had no reason to recolor it because these are some of my favorite colors. We were allowed to use things from other kits as well. I created the stitches used to stitch the button down and the photo mask around the top photo was from Kim Cameron. The rest came from the kit they provided.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Challenges 5 & 6

So here we are at Challenges 5 & 6.  Challenge 5 was a little difficult for me.  Challenge 6 was optional.  In fact, I wasn't really supposed to do the LO, but I did.  Hehehehe.  Of course, I'm not posting my LO in our Team LOs Thread at NDISB so I know I'm safe.

Here's challenge #5.  It was hosted at Anita Stergiou Designs.  For this challenge, we were to create  LO that had no photos but included 3 different and separate frames and some journaling.  Here's what I came up with for this challenge.  Make sure you click on the LO for full credits.

And Challenge 6 is at Inspiration Lane. It's a ROADBLOCK so only one of us was to complete the challenge.  We were challenged to find a LO in our partner's gallery and flip it 90 degrees and then lift it.  The only catch was that we were to use the same number of elements - no more, no less as our partner did in her original LO. 

Patricia's LO is our official LO

Here's the LO she lifted of mine:

And here's the LO I created while stuck in bed after being hit with a tummy bug.  :(  Thankfully, we're not using my LO because I don't think I "flipped it" correctly.

Here's the LO I lifted.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Challenge 3 and 4

I keep forgetting to post my layouts on our team blog, so I have 2 layouts to post today. I figured I would get that done while I wait for them to post the 5th challenge. I was hoping to do the 5th challenge this afternoon, but it still isn't posted anywhere and it is now 7pm.

Challenge 3 was to redo the first layout we had posted into a gallery. I went through all of my galleries to find a layout I wanted to redo. I couldn't get my EHD to read, which completely freaked me but that is another story, so I picked a layout in which I had photos from on my computer. That left this layout, which is posted here at Scrapper's Zone, to redo. This is a layout of my son's 6th birthday along with his cousin Jacob.

view credits

The next layout was to be an altered art layout. My altered art is the action I ran on the photo to make it look like it was an old photo mounted on canvas. We were to have some journaling from the heart. My journaling is about my MIL. She is dying from breast cancer that has spread to her brain. Her time is very short. It has been a lot to deal with lately. I feel fortunate to have digi scrapping to help me cope with the stress .

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Challenges 3 &4

Here are my LOs for Challenges 3 and 4. Remember to click on the LOs for full credits.

Challenge 3 was at Gotta Pixel. For this LO we were asked to take our very first LO posted in a single gallery and scraplift it using what we've learned in our scrapping journey. What's amazing is that created my very first digital LO nearly 3 years ago. Of course, the site that I posted it at is no longer around so I was not able to scraplift that LO. But I did get to scraplift a very sweet LO from 2 1/2 years ago. Here's my original LO:

And my LO for Challenge #4. This one was very difficult for me! Tangie Baxter Creative hosted the challenge and boy was it difficult. We had to create a LO using an "Altered/Artistic Style." And then journal from the soul. The journaling wasn't difficult for me, but the altered style was a bit of a challenge.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Challenge 2

This was a collaborative layout. We had to use the theme "Cabin Fever". Our layout had to have 4 papers, 8 elements with at least one being acrylic, 2 fonts, include journaling and half done by each partner. We used the Winter Cottage collaborative kit available at Groovy Scraps. We both design there so we both had access to the kit. We took a different approach to cabin fever. My kids rarely experience cabin fever since we are blessed to live in such a great city and we have so much good weather here. Our layout is entitled "We can't get no cabin fever" and show pictures of things we can do around Austin. I hope you enjoy our take on this challenge.

Challenge 1

I completely forgot to post my challenge 1 LO here. It has been a busy week. Here is my week 1 layout. I'll be back later today to post my week 2 LO. My week 1 layout is my boys being totally goofy. It was the best photo I had to "tear" up. Andrew almost looks like he is being torn apart with that face he is making. For credits, you can see my gallery (link on the side).

Sunday, January 4, 2009

ADSR4 - Challenge #1

The race is underway. I'm looking forward to actually making time to scrap during this season. Patricia and I are both excited about working together again.

Our first challenge was to include in our layout a photo that we "tear" three times. This was a little bit of a challenge for because I don't take many photos that leave room for this sort of cropping. But today, I took a fun photo, and I feel it was perfect for this challenge.

We also were asked to journal on our layouts, so that's what I did.

For this LO, I used Claudi Designs' new kit, This Boy.
I also used a template from the SSD Cookie Exchange.