Sunday, March 9, 2008

Challenge #5 - My Blankie/Her Ba-Ba

Here's my LO for Challenge #5. I've been home sick with a sinus infection so I had lots of time to myself as Stephen took the kids to lunch with Grandma, Grandpa, and the cousins. I'm feeling better, but the infection seems to be moving to my chest so I didn't get much sleep as I coughed the night away. Note to self - vicks on my feet tonight.
Q: How long have you been in the family?
A. I have been in this family for 30 years. Looking forward to many more years and special memories.
Q. How did you become a part of this family?
A. I was given to Rose as a baby gift. I was made by her great-grand aunt Esther. I was the warmest of all the blankets she received as an infant.
Q. What makes you so special?
A. I am Blankie, also known as Ba-Ba. When Rose was growing up, I was her security blanket. And when Hannah was born, I was passed down to be a part of Hannah’s life as well.
Q. Are you made from your original parts?
A. No, when Rose found out she was pregnant, she sent me to Aunt Esther to have me remade. The flowers and fruit fabric is part of my orginal design. Aunt Esther was honored to recreate the special blanket she made for Rose as a gift for her new niece, Hannah.

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