Saturday, February 27, 2010


Okay, so I’m a little late on posting my LOs.  If life could get anymore busy, I’d think I’d lose my mind.  I’m trying to slow down, but it’s very difficult.  Why do I have to be a go getter?  LOL

Here are my LOs -

It's a new season for the Amazing Digiscrapping Race. I have completed the first 5 Challenges.  Yes, I said 5.  It’s taken me that long to post them.  LOL


The first challenge was to do a layout about your partner while also scraplifting a layout of your partners. The bottom layout is my LO about Patricia.  I did a very simple LO, but I think it’s beautiful, just like her.  For this LO, I used Estranged by Flergs.  I lifted this LO by Patricia.


The second challenge was to create a layout with 5 photos. One photo must contain the number 5. The theme of the layout is 5 Things I Love About... I chose my teaching.  In addition to 5 photos, we have to use 5 different fonts/alphas and include 5 of the same element types. Mine has 5 stitches. 

5 fonts/alphas - Alphas: Tinker Toy, Ice Storm, and Appletini by Flergs, Fonts: Hobbes & Eight Fifteen
5 Photos - 4 of children, and 1 big #5
5 Different Elements of same type - 5 stitches from Tinker Toy by Flergs
Season of Taste - Play, Fun, and Laugh Labels from Tinker Toy by Flergs; Sticky, Sweet, and Stinky Label by Traci Reed
Oh and the 5 things - those would be the kiddos - brynley, violet, mattie, lydia & lili


Challenge 3 was to create a layout with selective coloring of a photo, journaling with at least 20 words and a date element. You can't just put the date on the layout, you have to actually use an element to create the date. The photo I used is one that I took while Cayden was having a play in the rain day.  There were a couple weeks where it rained EVERYDAY here in Austin.  I finally gave in and let him play in the rain.  The kit I used is Rolicking by Lliella Designs.  I used a date stamp for my date element.  It’s a freebie by Jenn. 


Challenge 4.  When I first saw what it was, my response to Patricia was, “ICK!”  Challenge 4 is to create Artist Trading Cards. I really don’t care for ATC because many of them are ephemera type layouts. I’m just not really into that type of scrapping. To be honest with you, I think they are weird and don’t understand the point of them.  But like Patricia mentioned, it seemed the only thing that was going to make these ATC was the size, which had to be 3.5x2.5.   Each of use have to do 2 cards. One card needed to be about something we love & the other card needed to be about our partner. Both LOs were created with Estranged by Flergs.  The cross is by Beth Turner.



Challenge 5

The challenge is as follows: Since this is the month of Valentine's Day, your special challenge is to incorporate CHOCOLATE into your layout. So, 6 items in the recipe and chocolate!
* 1 ribbon * 1 tree
* 1 button * 1 staple
* 2 papers * 1 set of stitching
* 1 frame * 1 tag
* 1 flower * 1 alpha

For this LO I used Choco Berry Love Reload by Flergs.  And I have 2+ papers, 2 frames, 1 button, Flowers, a ribbon/bow, a tag, and a chocolate covered strawberry.


Challenge 6 was to be completed by only one of us.  I let Patricia do it.  LOL – Thanks, Patricia!! :)  She did an awesome job.  I’ll let her post all about it!

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